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¨Uglerup Huse – at Tuse Næs¨

As appears from the stories and songs of the familiy Iversen, they are close to Tuse Næs, this is where, their roots are, we will never forgot it.
John Holm

Hans Martin Iversen

I was the eldest son in the family with 3 older sisters and later on 4 younger brothers and 3 younger sisters. A total of 11 children within 21 years.
John Holm

¨Henry Iversen¨

Henry tells about his boyhood, as well as in extract from ”The electricity comes to North-West Zeeland”, published by NVE.
John Holm

"Margaret writes about her father"

Hans was born on November 11th. 1897, the Feast Day of Martin of Tours; he had three older sisters & lived in a simple, hard working & loving family.
Margaret Mary Anderman

¨Lars Iversen¨

If you were born in the last half of the past century you were inevitably influenced by the thoughts and ideas of the Danish folk co-operative movement.
John Holm

¨Laura Johansen¨

Letter to her sister Marie about 1973. The occasion was Maries work with the book of the Danish National Museum “Herregårdsliv” (Life in a country-house).
John Holm

¨Greet from me at home¨

Tove Irene Paulsen wrote this lovely song in 1973, and it was sung at the 25 years jubilee celebration on the 15th of August 1993.
John Holm

¨Web Photos & Slides Show¨

Here you have the opportunity to click on 8 Photo albums / Slides show & Pictures.
John Holm

"A cottage on Seeland"

The story of Marie Methine Pedersen - A cottage on Seeland
John Holm

¨The song about Tuse Næs¨

Tuse Næs, or Næsset, as the natives call it, is a fertile beautiful peninsula with the bay Holbækfjorden to the south and the bay Lammefjorden to the north.
John Holm

¨Marie Methine Pedersen¨

When she was 12 years old she went to serve, first in the neighbourhood, later in Holbæk, as she was fragile and not fit for agricultural work.
John Holm


The farm was built round a quadrangle with thatched roof, situated right outside Gedser town, to the area belonging to the town belonged town soil.
John Holm

"One of Holbæks first ladies became 90 years"

Marie Methine Pedersen - was one of the first women, who politically made one’s mark in Holbæk.
John Holm

"Old Ivert Christensen"

When the Hønsehals was in his childhood, Lars Iversens father, old Ivert Christensen, was attendant at the future forest.
John Holm